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Metamorphosis happens when you are faced with a life threatening illness. With no factors for cancer, I made a commitment to help others along their recovery journey, as well to help those who want to live healthy lives. 

I am a  former health professional who after breast cancer decided that Health  & Wellness are integral to living a full life. I realized how  important it is to share information and learn from innovators, leaders,  scientists, nutritionists, artists, designers and physicians on how to  live healthier lives . I am the founder of Truth About Healthy Lives  Conference.

Carol is the founder of  EmpowerT  www.drinkempower.com
Carol is also a humanitarian who established the first girls library in Afghanistan with FemAid, artist & activist. 

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In 2017, I founded Truth About Healthy Lives conference to Power Your Health to Shine Inside & Out. 

Knowledge is emPOWERment health & wellness conference breast cancer

No False news or phony promises... just the facts, research based, events, shared stories & of course healthy foods!

Learn from Innovators, Medical Professionals, Naturopaths, Homeopsths, leading edge Health & Nutrition Entrepreneurs, Chefs, Nutritionists, Scientists, Foodies, ...and those making our lives better. 


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Truth About Healthy Lives 
health & wellness from cancer www.truthabouthealthylives.com

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Knowledge is emPOWERment

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Robin Kay, Founder/Toronto Fashion Week: President /Fashion Design Council of Canada

Robin Kay, Founder Fashion Week
President, Fashion Design Council of Canada

Story of triumph-The year I was diagnosed was also the year of the first fashion week. "I will always recall Jeanne Beker and myself at the windy corner of Bay and Bloor laughing that my wig might fly off. Laughter...in any dose is one of the best medicines!!!" As a self taught clothing designer in 1976, Robin Kay built a knitting mill, factory and distribution centre for her 22 retail stores and 600 wholesale accounts across North America. In 1999 as president of The Fashion Design Council of Canada, she established the first national fashion week in Canada growing it to become the 2nd largest in North America by 2012. Robin teaches the "business of fashion" globally while focusing on policy at a federal level, provincial, and municipal level and endorse the fashion designer as a pillar of commerce and culture in Canada. Robin serves as a founder of the Commonwealth Fashion Council in London, England. 

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Past Speakers

Carol Mark, CEO & FOUNDER Truth About Healthy Lives

Carol Mark Founder & CEO www.Truth About Healthy Lives.com

Founder Empower T

Carol is  a former health professional who after breast cancer decided that  Health & Wellness are integral to living a full life.  She realized  how important it is to share information and learn from innovators,  leaders, scientists, nutritionists, artists, designers and physicians  how to live healthier lives . She is the founder of Truth About Healthy  Lives Conference.

Carol  is the  creator of EmpowerT   www.drinkempower.com which supports and sponsors healthy initiatives.

Carol is an artist & activist & humanitarian who established the first girls library in Afghanistan with FemAid.

Joanna Colville-Reeves, OND CNP NNCP Nutritionist & Chef

Joanna Colville-Reeves Nutritionist & Chef eat healthy www.truthabouthealthylives.com

The role of healing foods for well being and breast cancer prevention.
Harnessing the power of whole foods for optimal health and vitality. 
A  diet that would centre around healing, with foods that provide  phytoestrogenic, gut supporting, high antioxidant, liver detoxifying  support.

Pierre Chen , R.TCMT R,AC Registered Traditional Chinese Medicine

Pierre Chen , R.TCMT  R,AC (Registered Traditional 3rd generation Chinese Medicine www.truthabouthealthylives.com

Pierre's  greatest passion and dream  is to bring Western and Chinese Medicine together, to find a more  effective way to help patients with modern diseases through the  collaboration of both branches.

To  further this dream he has started CCTCM -the Canadian College of  Traditional Chinese Medicine in Mississauga. 

Shannon O’Hearn: Cannabis 101 -Everything You Want To Know About Cannabis & Healing

Shannon O'Hearn- MedReleaf medical cannabis Cannabis 101 www.truthabouthealthylives.com

Shannon  began working with MedReleaf in 2014 to provide patient services. She helped coordinate and oversee  development of the Patient Care department. Presently, her role is Project Manager of  Clinical Research and works closely with other departments  to coordinate project planning, protocol development, regulatory and  ethics submissions, working relationships with external research teams,  and other research initiatives sponsored by MedReleaf. 

Dr. Nadia Saleem, BSc Hon, ND : Womenʼs Health, hormonal balance, health & fertility

Dr Nadia Saleem
Naturopathic doctor www.truthabouthealthylives.com

Dr. Nadia Saleem is a Board-certified Naturopathic Doctor from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. She  is passionate about working with women of all ages to gain better  control of their hormones, their physiology and every aspect of their  well-being. their health and the health of the future generations. She is an avid  writer, speaker and educator in the community.

Jenise Lee, Founder & CEO CertClean : Do You Know What You Are Putting On Your Face & Body?

Jenise Lee, Founder & CEO of CertClean
healthy skincare & beauty products in North America www.truthabouthealthylives.com

CertClean   helps shoppers discover beauty and personal care products formulated  without ingredients recognized to cause harm to human health. We will  explore the world of healthy make-up with demos. Try on a newer  healthier YOU!

Girls Just Wanna Box: Kristina Ejem

Girls Just Wanna Box:
Kristina Ejem www.truthabouthealthylives.com

Coach & Founder of Girls Just Wanna Box (GJWB)
Co-owner/Mgr Dir of Clancy's Boxing Academy
Quick boxing 101 on training like a fighter

Derrick Pho- Master Chocolatier:Antioxidant Secrets of Chocolate

Antioxidant Secrets of Chocolate -Derrick Pho award winning chocolateir www.truthabouthealthylives.com

Derrick  Tu Tan Pho is an esteemed Master Chocolatier who began his  apprenticeship in Montreal, Canada. His passion and dedication led him  to earn a diploma in Bakery & Pastry from the Institut de Tourisme  et d'Hôtellerie du Québec (Montréal Culinary School) with a focus in  chocolate, confectionary and ice cream. In 1989, Pho was the first to be  awarded Apprentice Chocolatier of the Year and continued to excel in  his field where in 1994 he was recognized as one of the Ten Best Pastry  Chefs in Montreal. Further on in his career, he was a member of the  gold-winning Team Quebec for the Frankfurt Culinary Olympics held in  Germany.   Pho also studied in  France with the renowned Meilleur Ouvrier de France, MOF, Joël Bellouet  and attended the prestigious École Lenôtre, Plaisir.
In 2005 Pho  became the Director of the Chocolate Academy in Canada. He was also in  charge of setting up the Chocolate Academy in Chicago, which opened in  2008. 

Donna Oliver MQT Master Instructor, Tai Chi and Meditation Centre

Donna Oliver  MQT Master Instructor, Tai Chi and Meditation Centre www.truthabouthealthylives.com

Qigong  (Chi Kung) is a mind body branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine offers  a wide range of benefits that modern Research is verifying on an  ongoing basis. Medical Qigong for Self Healing empowering the  individual.  
The  Centre offers courses and classes to help you get and stay healthy  using traditional non-invasive Chinese mind-body disciplines that  address the root of illness and dis-ease. 

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